"Your brand is not what

you tell them it is...

It is what they tell each other it is."

Sharoen Moncriffe

As a non-profit, you want people sharing your services and products with others. We call it "Getting the word out!" The best way to achieve that is by branding your non-profit. 

Choosing your color scheme and logo to place on all your literature helps people to identify with your non-profit. 

When you see the golden arches... You know what fast-food chain and what to expect when you get there. The same stands true with your non-profit. Your business cards, your website, your postcards, your brands... should represent your non-profit in a consistent way. 



Here are a few marketing strategies:

  • Social Media postings and groups

  • Email Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Word of Mouth

  • Community Events

  • Website

  • Leverage Influencers

  • Create a great lead magnet

  • Social Media Ads

  • Create Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Collaborations