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We help non-profits to meet their philanthropic goals which are aimed at equipping, improving and enriching the quality of life in our communities.


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M.A.P.S. NonProfit Success was formed by a collaboration of nonprofit professionals with 30+ years of experience dedicated to serving the nonprofit community. Daily, people start nonprofits to help serve their communities. Starting and growing a nonprofit can be complicated. We help you to #mapitout by actualizing your vision and converting it into a nonprofit entity that is fully IRS compliant, properly structured, and ready to serve your community.


Patrina is the Principal Consultant of the Business of Charity, she is a non-profit consultant with 20+ years focusing on formation, infrastructure, administration, and grant writing. Her goal is to mold your non-profit organization into a fundable entity. Patrina believes that your nonprofit organization is a business, and should respectfully be treated as such. That is why she believes in the "business" of charity.

Sharoen is the CEO of SMoncriffe Consulting and the owner of Buzy Bee Printing, LLC. She has been a nonprofit consultant for the past 20+ years. Her goal is to help nonprofits promote themselves by determining their target market, set measurable goals, create marketing materials and branding. She promotes her clients' values to others with passion and enthusiasm.

Dr. Tangela Harris is a US Army Gulf War Veteran where she received her discipline and leadership development. She is the Founder & CEO of After Thisss... Inc. & Remarqable Beaute LLC. As a motivator, strategist, an accountability partner, she helps to create balance in her clients' lives: personal and professional, along with fostering leadership development.

Jackie is a senior consultant with The Keys. With an intrapreneurial spirit and a servant leader approach, she has a proven track record in fund development,  organizational management including crisis management and board engagement. She also has over 30 years of experience providing consultative services to nonprofit organizations, faith-based institutions, and charter schools.


Patrina Pelton-Smith

Founder & CEO

The Business of Charity, LLC


Sharoen Moncriffe

Founder & CEO

SMoncriffe Consulting


Tangela Harris

Founder & CEO 

After Thisss... Inc

Remarquable Solutions, LLC


Jackie Autman

Founder & CEO 

The Keys

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